1. CHOOSE a Location


Choose a Beach or Overlook in Los Angeles or Orange County, There are so many amazing areas between San Clemente and Sycamore Cove to choose from!


2. Choose a Date and time

Now that you have a location chosen, check our availability by filling out a Beach Wedding Request form. We will get back to you right away with availability.

3. CHOOSE An officiant

You can choose one of our 35 Great Officiants. You can find the perfect person to perform your ceremony! Choose a Non Denominational Officiant, Minister, Priest, Rabbi, Bilingual or Civil. Its your choice. 

4. CHOOSE A Design package

Choose a Design Package

Choose one of our arch designs then our floral designers will create the perfect floral arrangement to put on it. Choose a colorful Bouquet, Corsages, or Leis to match.

5. Your marriage license

Get your Marriage License from us! Have it delivered the to you or come to our Long Beach office. Its simple and easy, No waiting in line! Available 24/7. Get yours today.

6. place your retainer

This will lock in your location, date, time, officiant choice, and design choice. Congrats!

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Have you always dreamed about having your wedding on the beach or overlooking the ocean?

To feel your toes in the sand and a cool ocean breeze blowing through your hair?

Well stop dreaming and make it a reality today!

For just the 2 of you, or up to a couple hundred of your friends and family, we design, prepare and complete your event in a 5 easy steps.

1st Choose the Beach along the Los Angeles or Orange County coastline.

2nd Choose the set up from a simple heart in the sand to a full set up with chairs, arches, decoration and floral.

3rd Choose one of our Professional Officiants.

4th Obtain a Marriage license.

5th Design the ceremony with your Officiant.

Then all you have to do is show up and walk down the aisle, say your vows, kiss and live happily ever after.

It’s just that simple!

Our Beach Experts will guide you through the whole process.